Independent E-DOCS is an agent for export documentation, obtaining documentation electronically to allow you to export goods from Australia. E-DOCS are accredited to be able to generate Photosanitary, health certificates and EDNs for the following commodities:



Horticulture, Fruit & Vegetables

Includes nursery stock, cut flowers, foliage, fruit and vegetables.


Includes fresh and processed meat, edible offal, game meat and meat products, casings,
rendered edible animal fats and oils including tallow.

Grain & Seed

Includes grains, seeds, timber, stockfeed and processed foods.


Includes finfish and other seafood such as bivalves and crustaceans.

Inedible Meat / Pet Food / Pharmaceutical

Includes raw and processed pet food, technical products, pharmaceutical material and
rendered products.

Wool, Skins & Hides

Includes wool, skins, hides and trophies from ruminant and non ruminant animals.

Dairy & Eggs

Includes butter, cheese, cream, milk, milk powder, other processed dairy products, eggs
and egg products



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Our Technical Capability

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